ANPIL Carfalo 2This beautiful wildlife area, which extends for about 220 hectares in a valley which has been eroded by the Carfalo brook over millions of years, can be found between Sughera, Castelfalfi and San Vivaldo, a short car journey from Montaione.

A thick forest of oak, beech and yew trees extends along the banks carved out by the brook, giving life to a wildlife area of rare beauty which blends perfectly with the surrounding countryside and the Valdelsa hills. By following one of the five trails of the park it is possible to explore amongst the trees and the undergrowth of the apparently untouched forest before reaching the spring of Acqua Gassata. In the fresh waters of the Carfalo one can search for the spectacled salamander, a rare amphibious creature found in this area.

Along the trails one can meet centuries old trees like the monumental yew tree, held to be the largest and oldest of its species in the whole of Tuscany. There are also some beech trees whose trunks reach 70 cm in diameter.

Map of Alta Valle del Carfalo