In Certaldo with the children. Among dark dungeons, new stories, and a truly original museum.

certaldo A medieval village perched in the heart of the Valdelsa hills, Certaldo is known to be the town of Giovanni Boccaccio, the home of the famous red onion and the place where the international festival of street theatre, Mercantia, has been held every year for decades.

Visiting this characteristic town with children can be a truly suggestive experience: buildings and streets have retained much of their ancient medieval charm and museums range from sacred art to the celebration of Boccaccio’s memory, passing through a special museum dedicated to him – just think! – toe nails and other everyday objects of the craftsmen of yesteryear.

Starting from Boccaccio’s House, where there is no lack of cues to talk about the famous novels of the Decameron and, perhaps, reread some of them, we walk along with the central Via Boccaccio to the church where the famous writer is buried and finally we reach the imposing Palazzo Pretorio with its facade dotted with coats of arms and terracotta. Here begins the most exciting route for children, with a visit to the dungeons of the palace and other places where justice was once administered.

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