Chianti of Empolese Valdelsa and Montalbano

Bicchiere di VinoOver the years it has become the true testimonial of Tuscany, Chianti is known as one of the best wines in the world. Already in 1716 Grand Duke Cosimo III de Medici issued a proclamation defining the production areas to limit counterfeiting and, over the years, there have been successive regulations for winemaking and the consortia that still protect this precious wine today were born. Obtained from a skillful blend of Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Malvasia and Trebbiano grapes, the Chianti wine blends perfectly with the flavors of Tuscan cuisine, in particular, it is ideal to accompany cold cuts and barbecued meats.

In our territory, Chianti is produced in three different subzones, Montespertoli, Colli Fiorentini, and Montalbano, and is the protagonist of a museum, as well as important events, including the now-famous Chianti Exhibition, held every year in Montespertoli

The best way to discover and taste it is to walk along with one of the Wine Roads which, passing through hills covered with vineyards and touching historic villages and castles, allow you to locate and visit the places where, thanks to an experience handed down from generation to generation, this extraordinary wine was born. From Montespertoli you can follow the directions (brown road signs) for the Strada del Vino Chianti Montespertoli while starting from Vinci, Capraia and Limite, or Cerreto Guidi you can follow the Strada del Vino e dell’ Olio del Montalbano.

Whether you are an expert oenologist, an aficionado or simply a lover of good food, do not miss the experience of strolling through the rows of vines in spring or during the harvest, or taking refuge in the coolness of a cellar listening to the story of the long months of work needed to produce the excellent wine you are sipping.