Discovering the Padule di Fucecchio

It is the largest inland wetland area in Italy, with a rich marshland flora and numerous species of birds seeking refuge there: the Padule di Fucecchio is one of the naturalistic jewels of the Empolese Valdelsa and Montalbano region.

The area touches the municipalities of Fucecchio and Cerreto Guidi, in Empolese Valdelsa, and then it extends into the territory of Larciano and Ponte Buggianese, through Valdinievole and Montalbano. Many are the itineraries that allow you to discover the history of the Padule and to observe the many varieties of plants and bird species, especially in spring and autumn.

Naturalistic itinerary (walking route)
Historical environmental itinerary (car or mountain bike routes)

The Centre for Research, Documentation and Promotion of the Padule di Fucecchio, located in Castelmartini, is a point of reference and acts as a guarantor to preserve the ecosystem of the area.

The Centre is made of wood, according to green building and environmental sustainability techniques, and hosts a series of objects linked to local traditions of the Padule di Fucecchio, such as: the “barchino”, the “castle” for silkworm breeding, nets and artefacts made with marsh grasses, as well as the model of the Cappiano Bridge and the one of the ancient Port of Le Morette. Moreover, the centre periodically hosts temporary exhibitions (photography, naturalistic drawing, etc.) and, every year, organizes guided tours scheduled by a calendar.

Centro R.D.P. del Padule di Fucecchio
Via Don Franco Malucchi (già via Castelmartini) n. 115, 51036 Larciano (PT)
Ph. and fax 0573/84540