Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2010_11_17_13_37_28Known for its organoleptic qualities and for its high nutritional value upon which the Mediterranean diet is based, olive oil is the star product of this area and in particular of the hilltop area of the Montalbano.

Here Tuscan extra virgin olive oil is produced, some of the most distinguished in Italy, protected by the Protected Geographical Indication. The oil can be easily identified for its unique taste and slight piquancy. Olives of the Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo, Maurino varieties are grown on terraces which have characterised the Montalbano slopes for centuries and the majority are hand-picked during the cold winter months.

After harvesting, every successive phase is carried out in Tuscany, as dictated by the regulations for the PGI standards. Close analysis and controls are carried out in the authorised olive-presses in order to guarantee its quality.

The best time of year to discover this extraordinary product is the month of November when there are many festivals and events dedicated to the new oil, a real delicacy to be enjoyed on a slice of Tuscan bread. Take the time to enjoy the area following the panoramic Oil and Wine roads of the Montalbano – Leonardo Hills which climb the hills and pass by medieval churches and castles as well as picturesque towns such as Vinci, birthplace of Leonardo, and Cerreto Guidi, dominated by the imposing Complesso Mediceo.