Empolese Valdelsa and Montalbano Footpaths

Sentieri di VinciThe whole Empoli Valdelsa area is rich with paths and trails which wind their way through the hills, vineyards and olive trees, along rivers and brooks or through thick forests, all of which provide unique panoramas of the Tuscan countryside.

This page gives details of the paths in the area marked by both the red/white markings of the CAI (Club Alpino Italiano) and by the specific signposts for park and wildlife areas.

Please Notice: the following itineraries are provided by the associations managing them. Toscana nel cuore is not responsible for any variations in the routes or conditions of impracticability due to natural or other causes. The visitor accepts full responsibility for his actions.

Paths of the Montalbano The spectacular Montalbano area boasts an extensive network of foot and cycle paths which link hilltop towns, archaeological sites and ancient forests. There are many itineraries in the Capraia e Limite and Vinci area, some which start from the towns themselves. 

2 (Capraia – Castellina – Limite) distance: 5 km | average time: 1h45 | Difficulty: easy

4 (Castellina – Pulignano – sent. 300 – S. Giusto – Castra – Castellina) distance: 17,5 km | average time: 7h | Difficulty: difficult

12 A (Vinci – Poggio Marradino – Vinci) distance: 2,8 km | average time: 2h15 | Difficulty: easy

12 B (Vinci – Podere Zollaio – Rio Morticini – Vinci) distance: 1,5km | average time: 45 min | Difficulty: easy

14 (Vinci – Anchiano – Santa Lucia – Faltognano – Vinci) distance: 7,5km | average time 3h | Difficulty: medium

16 (Anchiano – Mulino Baldassini – Forra  di Balenaia – Valle dei Mulini – Santa Lucia) distance: 3,4km | average time: 2h15 | Difficulty: medium

16 B (Molino Baldassini- Sant’Amato) distance: 3,5km | average time: 2h15 | Difficulty: medium

In the Fucecchio MarshlandPadule allagato nei pressi del ponte le Morette, starting from the Castelmartini Visitor Centre, after following a series of foot and cycle paths, visitors find themselves in the middle of this wildlife area which is the largest internal marshland in Italy. Here, amongst the mirrors of water and low marsh vegetation, hundreds of species of birds can be observed.

Le Morette wildlife itinerary  distance …. | average time: …. | Difficulty:….

For further information and guided visits: www.zoneumidetoscane.it

In the woods of Cerbaie A short distance from the Fucecchio marshland, the thick forests of Cerbaie are ideal for taking a walk or having a picnic in the dedicated rest areas. The easy path of around 7,5 km, which winds its way through the forest,can be followed starting from one of the access roads and allows for different routes.

Further information: Map of footpaths in the Cerbaie area

Outside CertaldoPaesaggio della Canonicas walls Just outside the imposing 14th Century walls of the historic centre of Certaldo, these footpaths reveal unique views of the town and of the stunning hills surrounding it.

Parco di Canonica footpath distance: | average time: 2h | Difficulty: easy

Agliena and Fornaci footpath distance: | average time: 45 min | Difficulty: easy

Costa Alberti and Rio dell‘Uccellino distance: | average time: 45 min | Difficulty: easy

The footpaths are not signposted so it is advisable to download the Map of footpaths of the Certaldo area

The road from Castiglioni to Montespertoli This historic wildlife itinerary follows the path between the crests of Castiglioni and Montegufoni in the heart of the Montespertoli hills where vines have been cultivated for centuries. The road can be followed by bike or on foot and is set out like a real open air museum with information panels in the most panoramic and important points.

distance: 2km | average time: 2h | Difficulty: easy

The footpaths of Montaione A short distanceSentiero Montaione from Montaione, the forests of beech, yew and oak trees stretch down to the banks of the Carfalo brook and the nearby roads which pass by vineyards, olive trees and historic villages are a real paradise for nature lovers who can walk for kilometres along the splendid green footpaths.

Itinerary 1. Along the Orlo stream distance: 7,93 km |  average time: 1h30 | Difficulty: easy GPS coordinatesdownload PDF

Itinerary 2.  Discovering historic villages distance: 16 km | average time: 3h15 | Difficulty: medium GPS coordinatesdownload PDF

Itinerary 3 + 3A. In the forests of hermits distance 7,8 km | average time: 2h20 | Difficulty: easy GPS coordinatesdownload PDF

Itinerary 3B distance: 3 km | average time: 1h | Difficulty: easy GPS coordinatesdownload PDF

Itinerary 3C
distance: 3,4 km | average time: 2h20 | Difficulty: difficult
traccia GPSscarica PDF

Itinerary 4. In the splendid Mediterranean countryside distance: 10 km | average time: 2h30 | Difficulty: easy GPS coordinates download PDF

Itinerary 5. Towards Volterra distance: 19,6 km | average time: 4h | Difficulty: easy GPS coordinatesdownload PDF

Itinerary 6.2. In the Barbialla Collegalli forest distance: 13,7 km | average time: 1h50 | Difficulty: easy GPS coordinatesdownload PDF

Footpaths in the Alta Valle of the Carfalo brook

Educational footpath distance: 0,5km | average time: 30 min. | Difficulty: easy

Tasso Monumentale footpath distance: 750 m | average time: 1h | Difficulty: easy

Bosco Ameno footpath distance: 1km | average time: 1h  | Difficulty: easy

Anse-Acqua Gassata footpath distance: 1km | average time: 45 min. | Difficulty: easy 

Isoipsa footpath distance: 1,5km | average time: 1h30 | Difficulty: easy

North East footpath of the Alta Valle Del Carfalo distance: 4,3km | average time: 3h45 | Difficulty: easy

Information: Map of footpaths of the Alta Valle del Carfalo

The BenestareParco Benestare park Mineral stratifications, ex-mines, geological formations and water spurts are just some of the characteristics which make this park, located in the Gambassi Terme and Montaione area, a true natural oasis of rare beauty. There are two itineraries, (red and purple), with picnic and rest areas, which allow visitors to explore the park and uncover the history of this area in a different way.


Walking along the Via Francigena The famous route of Sigerico winds its way through the territory for about 50 km, through the areas of Fucecchio, Castelfiorentino and Gambassi Terme. By following the unique signposts with the pilgrim it is possible to undertake some of the route, choosing one of the three stages of the Empoli Valdese region:

Stage 28 – From Altopascio to San Miniato (29 km)

Stage 29 – From San Miniato to Gambassi Terme (23,9 km)

Stage 30 – From Gambassi to San Gimignano (13,4 km)

For more information: Via Francigena