Fornace Pasquinucci Exhibition Centre

This historic kiln overlooking the Terracotte Fornace Pasquinaccibanks of Arno to Capraia e Limite, was founded in the 19th Century by the potter brothers Antonio and Enrico Pasquinucci and was used for the production all types of terracotta crockery up until the 1960’s. Today it is an original space for temporary exhibitions and cultural events.

The ovens, the work spaces, the troughs for the dessication of the clay are still conserved in this building, representing true industrial artefacts which have been restored to the community. They create a setting for the contemporary artworks that often fill these rooms, creating an evocative game of mirrors between past and present.

Fornace Pasquinucci – Exhibition Centre
Piazza Dori, Capraia Fiorentina
Tel. 0571.978135/36
Sito Web:
From March to December in days and times according to the annual program of exhibitions, available on the website.
Also be visited on request by calling the Office of Culture of Capraia e Limite
Free entrance