Fucecchio, from Arturo Checchi to Giulio Greco

Eloisa_CarmassiAn itinerary dedicated to modern and contemporary art in Fucecchio can only start from the extraordinary collection of artworks by the painter Arturo Checchi (1866-1972) displayed in the Civic Museum. The Fucecchio artist, who at the beginning of the 20th Century was one of the first in Italy to be inspired by the style of Cézanne, while maintaining the use of colour lke Van Gogh and Gaugin, taught for years at the prestigious Fine Arts Academies in Perugia, Brera and Florence. The room dedicated to him in the Fucecchio Museum hosts paintings from different periods of his work, where places and moments from quiet, provincial Tuscan life can be identified as well as two evocative sculptures which could have decorated a fountain. If you enjoy the works of Checchi, you can find other paintings and drawings displayed in the nearby Montanelli Bassi Foundation, where the work of another famous Fucecchio citizien, Indro Montanelli is remembered.

Exiting the museum in to the small square in front of Parco Corsini, visitors remain fascinated by the soft curves of the impressive Eloisa, a sculpture produced by Arturo Carmassi (1926-2015), which from 2007 raises itself up towards the sky next to the medieval tower in a contrast between past, present and future which invites reflection. The famous artist, who was fond of the Fucecchio countryside, created this sculpture from one whole block of Carrara marble. Naming it Eloisa, like the historic lover or Abelardo, it is a symbol of an impossible yet eternal love. The sculpture touches the sensibilities of all who see it and is especially beautiful at sunset or under the night lights. You will fall in love.

Before leaving Fucecchio, the last stop on this artistic itinerary is the Muro La Luna (2002), a 60 metre mural which the artist Giulio Greco created on the facade of the city stadium in Viale Buozzi. The protagonist of this artwork, which surprises for its unique location is as the name suggests, the moon. Painted in fairytale colours, it creates an intense story and dreamlike landscape which leaves space for personal interpretation.