Gambassi Thermal bath in the heart of Tuscany

Parco Benestare_Gambassi TermeGambassi, is renewed for its Pillo’s salsa water properties, nowadays the village is a thermal bath near the Via Francigena route. The Parco Benestare, not far from the historical centre of Gambassi, is a natural area rich in water springs, sources and floating waters freely visited.

One of the pathways of the park leads you towards the Casciani stream, near the hypothermal springs of Bollori; from the stream gas emissions develop, reaching up to 23 degrees. Nearby, the Botro delle Docce springs, where the waters emerge from an impressive fracture in the rock.

In particular, the salsa water of Pillo has been used for centuries in hydroponic therapies to rebalance and detoxify the digestive system and in inhalation therapies to heal many respiratory disorders: the therapeutic properties of these waters have been officially recognized since the early nineteenth century. In the twentieth century they became famous among sportsmen and women, including cycling champion Gino Bartali.

Today the waters of Gambassi thermal bath are not only for health purposes but also for numerous relaxing and aesthetic treatments, for the well-being of body and mind.

At the Terme della Via Francigena, a structure located in the heart of the Parco Benestare, you can discover the thousand properties of thermal water in a modern wellness centre, between health and beauty. The bath has an agreement with the National Health System and offers special offers for pilgrims along the Via Francigena.

The Gambassi thermal bath is perfect to relax and regenerate in every season of the year, during the cold winter or hot summer: come and relax in the heart of Tuscany.

And after visiting the Parco Benestare and relaxing at the Terme della Via Francigena, you can’t miss a walk in the historical centre of Gamabassi Terme, among its palaces and medieval alleys.