Santuario della PietrinaThis small town can be found south of Montaione, past San Vivaldo. It extends along the narrow main road where the characteristic brick and travertine houses overlook. It was the extraction and manufacturing of precious stone such as travertine, onyx and serpentine rocks  found in the surrounding hills which characterised Iano’s economy from the 1950s. Not to be missed, just outside the town, the Santuario della Pietrina, historic and sacred place made famous by its Madonna with Child by a pupil of Simone Martini, which today is conserved in Volterra and returns in a solemn procession to the church for three days on the last Sunday of September. Near to this sanctuary, where a splendid view of the Tuscan countryside can be enjoyed, you can reach the impressive Falesia Masso del Becco, a 50 metre high vertical rock wall, a real delight for fans of climbing.