Interno Museo Archeologico Montelupo
Opened in 2007 in the ex-complex of San Quirico e Santa Lucia, the Museum of Archaeology collects and displays important artefacts found in the surrounding area from Prehistoric to the Middle Ages.

The first rooms reconstruct the history of human evolution from 250.000 years ago up until the end of Prehistoric times. However, the crux of the display is certainly the archaeological documents from the Etruscan period deriving from the nearby digs in Bibbiani and  Montereggi. From the settlement of Montereggi, just a short distance from the Arno river, objects in bronze and ceramics of significant relevance have been unearthed. Many items from the Roman period are also visible in the nearby Villa del Vergigno (which it is possible to visit on appointment), one of the few examples of rustic Roman villas in the heart of Tuscany. The visit concludes with the unique findings from the Early Middle Ages including the only known example of a bronze washbasin gilded with the medallion of Carlo Magno. The basin was probably produced on the island of Gotland and transported along the River Arno.

Museum of Archaeology
Via di S. Lucia all’Ambrogiana, 10
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