Museo civico di PaleontologiaA visit to the five rooms of this museum means taking a journey through two billion years of the history of our planet.

Thousands of rocks and fossils, many deriving from marine pliocene deposits which have surfaced in various Tuscan localities, tell the story of the beginnings of life on earth, including the important climate changes and natural processes which have changed its appearance over the course of millions of years.

The section dedicated to the evolution of humans reconstructs a sort of family tree of humanity and documents the migration and movements of humans which have led to the population of every corner of the earth.

Younger visitors will be delighted by the life-size models which depict two dinosaurs fighting (a Velociraptor and a Protoceratops) and the hunt for the Ursus spelaeus (cave bear) by the Homo sapiens neanderthalensis (neanderthal man).

Musuem of Palaeontology
Piazza Farinata degli Uberti 7 – Empoli
Tel: 0571.537038