Housed within the Magazzino del Sale, an imposing building built towards the middle of the 14th Century to store and distribute salt from Volterra, the Glass Museum of Empoli documents the historic glass activities of Empoli and the socio-economic effect that this had on the city.

A real “museum of narration” where environmental, video and artifact reconstructions give the visitor the impression of finding themselves at the furnace, retracing the production phases of the famous green glass of Empoli.

The first rooms display the work tools, glasses, bottles and objects in common use which could be found in the homes of many visitors. The rooms on the first floor house the precious “artistic” glass, green, coloured and transparent, produced in the 20th Century which represent one of the most original expressions of local and national workmanship.

The Glass Museum of Empoli is also a location for temporary exhibitions, performances and concerts. On the first Sunday of every month guided visits and workshops for children are organised (booking necessary).

MUVE – Glass Museum of Empoli
Via C. Ridolfi, 70