Palazzo GiannozziThis original museum housed in Palazzo Giannozzi, between Piazza dell’Annunziata and Porta del Sole, boasts the most unique collection of nails from every era and every type as well as utensils used by peasant folk and wooden sculptures. The objects were collected by Giancarlo Masini, a well known carpenter, artist and storyteller in whose workshop in Certaldo Alto the character of “Beppe Chiodo” was born. 

The museum was inspired by the important artisan traditions of the Valdelsa, but also by an unusual story of the human race through objects of daily use, anecdotes, stories and drawings relating to the many trades in which nails played a fundamental part. 

In 1994 the Chiodo d’oro (Golden Nail ) prize was set up in memory of Masini which is awarded every year to an artist of the Mercantia event.

Nail Museum
Palazzo Giannozzi, Certaldo Alto
Tel. 0571.661265