Plan your visit in the heart of Tuscany

If you are the kind of travelers who just can’t resist the idea of throwing down a precise itinerary before departure, they can’t help but double-check the maps and the list of things to visit and, in a way, have almost already experienced the whole holiday, here is the article for you!

Whether the holiday – or, if you prefer, the trip – in Tuscany is a dream that you still don’t know when to realize, or it’s already around the corner, here’s where and how to find useful information to better organize your visit in the Empolese Valdelsa and Montalbano.

Before to start, visit our section “Stay safe on your holiday“.

Choose what to visit
In the heart of Tuscany, there is no lack of opportunities to visit! Among itineraries on the trail of great local personalities, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Giovanni Boccaccio, Indro Montanelli, or Pontormo, paths to explore on foot and by bike, spas and charming medieval villages, you risk losing the thread. Before you leave, explore our website and, to start, have a look at our suggestions for itineraries!

Where to sleep
Once you have outlined your itinerary and with things in mind that you really can’t miss, here comes the time to choose the place to stay for a few days. In the ‘Where to sleep‘ section you will find all the accommodation facilities in our territory: from the luxury of 4 and 5-star hotels to the warm and familiar welcome of farmhouses and bed & breakfasts, you can experience the unprecedented emotion of staying in a period residence, relive the charm of being welcomed in a hostel like the pilgrims of the Middle Ages along the Via Francigena and, for the more adventurous, there are campsites!

What to do
In addition to classic visits to museums, strolls through the alleys of villages and towns, tastings, and a well-deserved swim in the pool at the end of the day, have fun choosing some ‘experience’ that will make your trip truly memorable. Treat yourself to a day of ‘slow’ tourism, rent a bike, go for a horseback ride, or, more simply, take a walk on one of the many paths that cross woods and hills or lead you on the trail of the pilgrims of the Via Francigena. Lose yourself in the ateliers of the master ceramists in Montelupo Fiorentino or taste the traditional flavors in the small taverns and local shops. Drive aimlessly along with one of the many scenic roads that run through our scenic hills and let yourself be amazed at every turn by the breathtaking beauty of the landscape. Finally, check out the events calendar and take part in festivals, re-enactments, and village festivals to experience Tuscany.

Download brochures
Online there is everything and even more, but the brochures and maps printed and available for consultation at all times always have their reasons! Here on our website, you can find a lot of information materials about the whole territory, the municipalities, and the museums of Empolese Valdelsa. Download them and take them with you!

For any information about the territory, here is the list of our tourist offices.