Santa VerdianaJust a short distance from the Sanctuary dedicated to Saint Verdiana, protector of Castelfiorentino, this museum displays works of art, furnishings and illuminated manuscripts deriving from the churches of the area, mostly donated as a sign of devotion to the Saint.

In the rooms dedicated to the XIII and XIV Century, two works of art stand out: the painting with the golden background, painted by an anonymous artist from Siena, which is the oldest known image of Saint Verdiana and the famous Madonna and Child by Cimabue, where the stylistic elements of the Byzantine tradition co-exist with the first signs of the transformation of painting which take place from the XIV Century. It is also possible to admire exceptional art works of the same period like the Cross attributed to Corso di Buono and the Madonna with Child of Taddeo Gaddi in which the influence of Giotto can be clearly noted.

After having observed the extraordinary exhibition of illuminated manuscripts and sculptures, including the 14th Century wooden group of the Annunciazione by Mariano d’Agnolo Romanelli, the visit continues with the room dedicated to Florentine painting from the end of the XIV Century to the XVI Century and ends with a section dedicated to furnishings and precious goldworking, many of which where originally conserved near to the Sanctuary,

Santa Verdiana Musuem
Propositura Collegiata Via Timignano 1, Castelfiorentino
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