Museum Remiero Limite sull’Arno

"Scheletro" Imbarcazione

Home to the oldest Rowing Association in Italy, founded in 1861, and of numerous shipyards, Limite sull’Arno today hosts an interesting collection of shipbuilding history with models of boats, work tools and historic photographs.

The Museume Remiero Limite sull’Arno was created to celebrate the patrimony of knowledge related to shipbuilding and rowing activities passed on through generations over centuries by the navicellai (expert navigators of the Arno river). It hosts scale models of boats which in the past were constructed in this area, historic photographs and documents, tools used by the skilled workers and a section dedicated to shipbuilding and shipyards.

The museum is open only by appointment on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10.00 to 13.00.

Museum Remiero Limite sull’Arno:
Piazza C. Battisti 6, Limite sull’Arno
Tel. 0571.978135/36
Website: (Società Canottieri Limite)