The Flight of Cecco Santi

Volo di Cecco SantiJuly,Vinci inner city.

Every year the story of Captain Cecco di Santi lives on. A soldier in the Vinci army, he betrayed his town for the love of a noble woman in an enemy town, which led to a horrible penalty: he was thrown from the tower of the Conti Guidi castle. If the captain was able to survive the “flight” from the tower he would be spared his life. Maybe thanks to a last miraculous glass of wine, Cecco managed to “fly” to the nearby hill and was saved. That year there were bumper harvests of grapes, olives and grain.

The last Wednesday in July, a historic procession evokes the most important moments of Cecco’s story leading up to the flight from the tower, commemorated with fireworks.

For information:
Associazione Volo di Cecco Santi
Tel. 0571 56332 (Sig. Fabio Bruni)