The Sculptures of Cerreto Guidi

Arriving in Cerreto Guidi from Empoli it is impossible not to notice the monumental marble sculpture of a nakVenere delle Armi_Cerreto Guidied woman with solid features lying on her side which has characterised the roundabout leading to the city centre since 2007. Her gaze towards the horizon, voluminous curves of her hair and thighs recall the Prehistoric Venus and a primitive idea of Mother Earth. The sculpture of Franco Mauro Franchi reinterprets the prevailing image of women, the vital force which permeates the universe and welcomes visitors passing by on their way to the monumental Complesso Mediceo.

In the Villa Medicea itself, situated on a watchtower in the rear courtyard, we find the Venere delle Armi (Venus of Arms), a gypsum sculpture by the artist Enrico Vezzi who dominates a pile of toy guns. The work reinterprets the forms and position of the Venere degli Stracci (Venus of rags), by Michelangelo Pistoletto and evokes an interesting contrast with the collection of guns from various eras which are displayed in the Historical Hunting Musuemin the villa.

Note of interest: The Venere delle Armi can be observed through a telescope in the garden of the Medici Villa. The coins collected are given to the Emergency charitable organisation which provides assistance to the civilian victims of war.