Top 5 panoramic viewpoints of Empolese Valdelsa and Montalbano

For lens maniacs always looking for the perfect frame for a photo to frame (or to share!) and for all romantics who want to enjoy the wonder of the Tuscan landscape from above, we have selected a dizzying top 5 of the best viewpoints of the Empolese Valdelsa and Montalbano!

5 – Tower of Palazzo della Volta in Fucecchio

torre palazzo della voltaIn the heart of the old town center of Indro Montanelli, the modern tower of the Palazzo della Volta where the Montanelli Bassi Foundation is located is certainly the most unusual among the panoramic viewpoints of our territory! Inaugurated in November 2016, the 17-meter high tower is at the same time a support to the stability of the medieval palace, the elevator shaft to allow accessibility for the disabled, and an unprecedented viewpoint. From here the view rests on the roofs of the houses and churches of the village, sweeping up to the towers of the Corsini Park, finally widening to embrace the entire surrounding valley.

4- Pietramarina

vista da pietramarinaComing from Capraia e Limite or from Vinci you climb a panoramic road that at every bend gives an extraordinary view of the hills of Montalbano and the Empolese plain. Pietramarina is not a real panoramic point, but a small town at almost 500 meters above sea level from which you can reach the ridge of Montalbano and enjoy a view as far as the eye can see over the Lower Valdarno. For the sportier, leaving your car or motorbike at the parking lot of the Pinone Restaurant, we recommend a walk along the path that leads to the Masso del Diavolo. The 360-degree view that awaits you as you climb up this ancient rock formation cannot be described in words; we only tell you that on clear days you can even see the sea in the distance!

3- Tower of Boccaccio House in Certaldo DSC03219

We are in the medieval village of Giovanni Boccaccio, between the walls and the narrow streets of Certaldo, and therefore in one of the most scenic places of our territory. Visiting the House of Boccaccio, in addition to discovering new details about the life of the great man of letters and exploring the rich library, you can access the tower to enjoy the exceptional view of the village and the enchanting hills of Valdelsa that surround it. At sunset, when the amber light of the sun dyes the brick walls and the roofs of the ancient houses in a thousand shades between red and orange, the view becomes even more spectacular, a scenic backdrop perfect for the most romantic, a shot not to be missed for those who just cannot take their eyes off the lens.

2- Panoramic terrace of the Conti Guidi Castle in Vinci  Vinci_veduta dalla torre

Vinci, a charming village surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, as everyone knows, is the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci and is part of the route dedicated to him the birthplace of Anchiano, the Leonardo exhibition. An impossible exhibition and, of course, the Museo Leonardiano, the oldest collection entirely dedicated to the machines designed by the genius. At the end of the visit to the Museum, climbing the 120 steps inside the tower of the Castle of the Counts Guide, you reach the panoramic terrace from which you can admire 360 degrees of the ‘genius horizons’ that inspired Leonardo himself. Try to capture the details of the landscape that also recur in the paintings and drawings of the Vinciano and enjoy this breathtaking view!

1- Sanctuary of Pietrina, Montaione
santuario della pietrina

Nearby from the town of Iano, which can be reached by following the uphill road in the direction of the ‘Palagio’ locality, the Sanctuary of Pietrina rises were in the Middle Ages there was the homonymous Castle. Not far from the small sanctuary and what remains of the ancient towers now surrounded by vegetation, on a rocky ridge, the view of the magnificent hills of Valdelsa and Val d’Era awaits you. A magical place to stop and admire a landscape that is worth the entire visit in the heart of Tuscany. For the more adventurous, starting from the sanctuary we suggest reaching the impressive Masso del Becco cliff, a vertical rock wall 50 meters high, a real paradise for climbing enthusiasts.